Landscape Design

Creating a mesmerizing landscape around your home can be a daunting task. Done properly, additions and changes you make to your landscape can lead to vast improvements in home value. However, landscaping involves a balance of creativity and technical aspects, especially if you are envisioning larger projects for your home. At R.C. Lawncare, our team of specialists is ready to help transform your property with the help of our years of experience. We will help you choose between different features, budget for cost-effective changes and bring suitable plants to beautify your home.


Hardscape Additions

Landscaping might bring up thoughts of flowering plants and trimmed hedges, but it also includes structured additions to your home. With our help, you can redesign walkways, patios, and water features around your home. These types of features are worthwhile investments, creating additional space around your home to use for many years to come. With a variety of building materials and styles, our hardscapes are highly customizable to fit your preferences. 


Landscaping Hardscape Design

Extensive Plant Knowledge

Landscaping is more than planting flowerbeds and applying mulch. Our team carries extensive knowledge about a wide selection of plants. We'll help you plan for plants that balance each other in terms of appearance and natural compatibility. We thoughtfully plant certain species of trees, shrubs, and flowers to ensure healthy growth that does fits with the local environment in Western New York. We can also provide suggestions for plants that require less care throughout the year and offer advice for maintenance involving pruning and soil composition. 

Landscaping Design Services

Lawncare, Grading, and Irrigation

The largest area of concern in any landscape is the lawn. It's not just a matter of appearance. Uneven soil levels around your grass can lead to stagnant water or flooding in your home. If you face any largescale problems with your lawn, you'll need a professional team to assess the condition of your property. Our team can address any problem your lawn faces, helping to regrade your surrounding landscape and disperse a balanced irrigation system around your home. With our help, you'll be able to enjoy spending time on your grass with your family and friends.

Landscaping Design Services

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