Landscape Installation

Our professional landscaping team is always ready to do the heavy lifting and delicate positioning of every installment around your home. We have carefully sourced partners around Western New York who provide us with the highest quality of materials that create the foundation and finishing touches to a beautiful landscape. Once we have designed your new landscape, we'll submit proposals and documents for permits and roll out the heavy machinery to get the job done.


Developmental Logistics

Depending on the scope of your landscaping design, we will have to prepare for certain logistical processes before beginning installation. First of all, there are local permits and building regulations that we must clear before formally beginning the work. Our team will help you gain clearance through the submission of detailed documents and designs that are fully compliant with any rules. We'll also discuss our schedule with you as we coordinate between our different team members and look toward full completion. 


Landscaping Installation

Material Preparation and Installation

Our team will handle all the preparation involving the transportation of materials that have been finalized from the design stage. There is a wide range of possible installations we can incorporate into your landscape, each with many layers of support. Throughout our installation process, we'll keep you up to date with the progress and how it lines up with our timeline. Soon enough you'll see the transformation around your property as we add every element into their places and transform your home.

Landscaping Installation Services

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For professional landscape installation services around Buffalo, NY, please contact our team at R.C. Lawn Care! We do the heavy lifting from getting access to permits and laying every piece perfectly in place.