lawncare services, buffalo nySome lawn companies just mow, blow, and go when you sign up for their maintenance program. Not us. R.C. Lawn Care’s weekly lawn care service is our most popular service for a reason! Offered April through October, this service will keep your lawn looking incredible all season. We use the best mowers on the turf and sharpen our mower blades daily to leave the best cut possible.

In addition to mowing and trimming your turf, edging walks, beds, and doing shrub work, our team is trained to monitor and spot changes that need to be addressed. After all, your lawn grows and changes throughout the seasons and should be properly looked after!

Whether you are a homeowner or property owner, your schedule is likely busy and we are happy to accommodate it. When signing up for our weekly lawn care, it’s completely up to you what day of the week our team comes.

Do you have a preference as to how your lawn is cut? No problem! We can provide detailed notes to our lawn technicians to ensure your property is exactly how you like it every time. You can count on us for quality, consistent, and friendly service!

With our weekly lawn service, you can expect:

  • A healthy lawn guaranteed
  • Regular weekly visits to your property
  • A service summary left by a technician each visit
  • Tips or suggestions for care in between visits
  • Additional visits as needed in between scheduled visits to make sure you’re 100% satisfied

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